Friday, February 1, 2013

A Year Later

Cafe Presse by Lois van Baarle (

One year and a few days ago, I gained representation with Barry Goldblatt Literary, and my agent and I decided to take my epic fantasy series, The Children of Man, into traditional publishing. Most weeks, I get asked on my various online haunts, if there’s a release date yet for Forge, the third book. And my answer for the last year has been the same. There is, as of yet, no release date.  

It hasn’t changed on my FAQ page, because there’s, unfortunately, nothing to report. 

I’m so thrilled and honored that you, my beautiful readers, are anxious and hungry for the next installment in Faela and the crew’s adventures. I am beyond fortunate to have such a wonderful and enthusiastic readership. I just ask, again, for your patience with this process.

I want to get the third book into your hands as badly as you want to read it. Maybe more. This, however, is my path, the one I chose. And even with all the waiting and waiting and, you guessed it, waiting, I don’t regret that choice. At all.

Over this past year in the agency, I’ve learned more than I can relate in this post. The agents, editors, artists, and writers of BGL are gracious, funny, smart, supportive, and talented. They’ve taught me so much about publishing, about writing, about story. Through their stories and friendships, they’ve challenged me to improve every day. To push my prose till it sings, to dig deep and build my fiction on emotional truth, to tell the stories that terrify me to write, to trust myself and my voice, to never put jellybeans in white wine.

(Seriously, PSA time, folks, avoid jellybeans in white wine. TMYK, shooting star.)

As this community has stretched me, my writing has grown and is growing. And you, dear readers, will reap that benefit in a tangible, real way when the last two books of The Children of Man are published.

So this is my official statement of, honestly, there’s nothing to report, no new information. I wish there were. Just like you, we’re still waiting. But as SOON as I have news, I will shout it from the proverbial rooftops of the interwebs. I promise.

Now back to writing.

(The picture has little to nothing to do with this post except it's just GORGEOUS, and I'm a bit obsessed with Lois Van Baarle's work on And I wanted to introduce you to something beautiful.)


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  3. I am dying here. I was skimming through my Kindle and saw Shatter pop up. I decided to read it again. And then I couldn't stop at that and had to read Render. I have now read Shatter 3 times and Render twice since downloading them. Thinking somewhat hopefully that the next would be coming, I searched Amazon and then the whole world wide intrawebs for it.

    You are one of my new favorite authors. I understand that writing is somewhat akin to child bearing - you have to gestate and percolate and let the ideas build and grow, prune out what isn't bearing fruit, shelf a dearly beloved plot twist if it just doesn't fit quite right...And the labor pains to bring that book into the light of day...I know it isn't easy for you. Know that I am suffering right alongside you. Metaphorically of course.

    I am eagerly waiting for Forge, and interested to see how you reshape your series. You have done a marvelous job so far and I know the wait will be worth it. :)

  4. Agree with the above. Desperately waiting... Me and my Ginger Cat, "Sammi"......

  5. Almost 2 years later and I'm looking again to see if there's any new information. Weren't you originally going to rework and re-release the first two books in paper format? I'm still looking to buy those. Love the books and hope to see something new on them soon!


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